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Theresa Eckstein

Theresa is for sure the Jazz Diva, bringing back to mind the sweet memorable Lady vocalist like Cheryl Lynn. Theresa gives you a real musical pleasure. Each vibes from her wonderful voice is like a tinkle from a magic process, giving the rhythm, the bliss, the sweetness. Theresa Eckstein is also a part of a great band of vocalists “check out” www.Kevinsharpegroup.com


Her voice sound like Cheryl Lynn ,Jill Scott , Deniece Williams, Christina Aguilera, but first of all her voice is really a pure treasure, signed Theresa Eckstein. Listen to her singing, is just a simply and pure moment of evasion to the delightful world of the music rhythm Jazz, Funk, RnB. The great Lady is more than a single songstress, she has got the kindness goes through her heart to her vocal cords, just like a pure gift to us, cradling with care our ears, listeners are really enchanted and delighted by a such angel voice.

I ask for you to take the time for a music relaxation, take a break and sit in your armchair with your headphone, and let your body and soul for having a wondrous journey, with the great Lady Theresa Eckstein.

C.R for A.M.S Magazine

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“Music is the fabric of my soul”

Gloria Ry’ann grew up with her mom who always encouraged her little angel to sing, her path was sprinkled by the sparkly magic music, and all is made for giving to the young Lady her inner strength increasingly rising. Everything for her purpose is drawn with love like masterpiece, shining her path to a deserved success with her music.

OMG ! Gloria Ry’ann holds the gift of the perfect voice, “OMG” is also one of her beautiful song which must be listen again and again, the vocal range of the young lady makes me think about the great ladies of Music, like Minnie Riperton Teena Marie, Mariah Carrey and so.

“Inside my love”, is an incredible smooth and groove rhythms fusion, soul, bossa ,Rnb a real pleasure for the listener, you can feel your body and soul captured by the grace of her music journey, her voice is like an enchantress embracing your ears gently. Her love for MUSIC is definitively felt and her professionalism, she is gifted and very wealthy of pure energy of Love she is simply awesome. Her music is a jewel, her voice is wonderful, I encourage all good listeners for making a musical journey with her excellent music and her perfect voice, you will be charmed for sure. Be enchanted,  by the seducing musical message and the vocal grace of the gorgeous lady; Gloria Ry’ann.


C.R for A.M.S Magazine

If you want to know more about Gloria Ry’ann:


TWITTER: @Gloriaryann

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/gloria.ryann

MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/gloriaryann

WEBSITE: http://www.gloriaryannmusic.com

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Lady da Flo~Etess

Lady da flo~etess was born in London from Jamaican and Nigerian parents, they immigrated in USA and settled in Brooklyn,N.Y. Lady da flo~etess has written poetry and songs since her childhood, being from a family of artists, singers and DJ’s, her passion for art grew increasingly. Artist, Crafter, Dancer, and Actress, the wonderful artist and Lady is completely in the essence of the creativity. She has the gift and her spiritual connection putting in her heart  for her art and the blessing sign from God through her Spoken word poetry. Lady da flo~etess feels the sunbeams from the soft divine light guiding her, for the artist and spiritual purpose. She beautifully put heart and soul to her mission, for bringing the word of God through her wonderful poetry skillfully orchestrated. From her Spoken word poetry she spreads love from God, kindly,brilliantly.


Flo~Etess releases original spoken word poetry in her mission to bring the word of God to all who will listen! Amember of Poze Productions

Her tracks “It Rages On”, Hot Pursuit, I’m allowed received airplay by New York Underground Radio(N.Y.U.R) & Jango.com. Also on rotation on Butterflies.com, pozeproductions.com, (Harmony Sinclaire) newusb.co.uk

If you want to have more info check out her profile at:





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Tracy Cruz

Soul singer and songwriter, Tracy Cruz is an absolutely talented Indie music Lady. Tracy is the winner well deserved of three awards “Muse’s Muse Awards” You should get her album “Universoul Symphony “it’s an absolutely wonderful album, made in collaboration with her producer who is also her husband, Allen Ross. They did not only produce this wonderful album, from their close collaboration, they also produced two adorable kids “ABSOLUTLY ADORABLE!” It’s what I call a magic fusion production!

Let’s go back the album “Universoul Symphony “from the first song to the last one from the album, the sound is magic, the rhythm give to your soul, ears, heart, a pure voyage through the beautiful magic beats, wonderfully laid down in all songs .

“Love’s Galaxy” has this beautiful groove giving to you, the bouncing for dancing and being transported, you feel your feet leave the ground for a soaring up, among the stars through the “Galaxy, what a beautiful song and what a beautiful and talented and gifted Lady. Tracy Cruz has got the magic sparkle that you can feel from miles and through the ocean. Electricity, Joyful rain, Peace of soul, Rise Above, Let’s go back and all the wonderful songs from “Universoul Symphony “is made for giving you an endlessly joy.


C.R for A.M.S Magazine


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Purchase the album “Universoul Symphony “  at :

Itunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/universoul-symphony/id449983742

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Karen Jackson


She’s got the style, the groove the beauty and the talent, Karen put all the power of love sensually through her music, Karen is a never good bye but an endless welcome an invitation to the rhythm and groove and tenderness, sensuality brings you up to the musical climax.

Her voice is powerful, sweet and adorable, like an angel choirs for your ears, heart and soul, and she knows how to give joy to your ears.

“Language of the Soul” is a great sexy and a brilliant package of love, light, sensory, the album is an invitation to the rhythm and  the tenderness driving by the smoothly tempo, with no boundary she is talented and will reach a deserving success for sure.


You can find her music “Language of the Soul” at



Or  Amazon


C.R for A.M.S

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Yolanda.R is a great voice and talented songwriter, songstress. Soulful; heartfelt emotions keep your heart and soul, her music and voice guide you to the amount of many sweetest feelings , “Over now” “Why” “Meandering” are the evidence that she’s got not only the talent, but she has got the wonderful gift for making your heart beautifully filled by magic through a music journey of tenderness and love. “Bring Ur Lovin’ Home “and” (There’s) No Gettin’ Over Me” give you the rhythm to dance, bouncy and groove. Love is all around with her sweet melodies and lyrics, her music is skillfully written with the touch of grace and blessing.

The RnB lady will make you feel with her music, like a bird flying through the sky, with lightness and freedom. Her tunes keep in touch with your mind; go with you all day long for letting in your heart a feeling of joy. Yolanda the talented RnB Diva brings to your ears a pure musical ecstasy, she is a wonderful lady and artist, and so if you don’t have the EP by soulful songstress Yolanda.R, you can purchase it on:







And now let your ears cuddled and cradled, and make you heart, and soul in the happiest journey of shiny music!

C.R for A.M.S

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Christine Rose is that rare artist indeed. She has performed as part of a band and as a Solo artist. Her music is a refreshing blend of warmth and smokiness intertwined with R&B/Pop melodies. She possesses a rich voice reminiscent of the great singers Cece Penistion and Annie Lennox at times. However her smoky voice is uniquely all Christine. There is a purity and sincerity in her singing that can be felt. Her music has an uplifting, light quality found in “Gonna Make You Shine” and “I Wanna Sing Your Praise”-the listener feels as if she is singing directly to you and wants to bring joy to you personally. At other times, you feel the emotion and her love for humanity in her song “If You Need Me.” There is a good balance of slower and up-tempo tunes on her CD.

You must have a listen to this lovely artist. Not only does she spread love through her music, I can honestly say she is one is the kindest and most generous people I have ever known – and guess what?- we have never physically met. But her genuine loving nature is palpable across oceans of water. She is truly a one-of-a-kind artist and lady.

Y.R for   A.M.S





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