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Tamara Bubble


If you want to dance, Tamara Bubble is gonna make you groove until the dawn for sure, she’s got the style, she is a sexy girl, she got the rhythm plus the Lady is a multi-talented artist, songwriter, singer, dancer actress and model, Wow! she will never finish to pleasantly surprise you, from” Get loud ” or Breakdown a Capella song, she knows how to use the jazzy style on her beautiful voice, all is well directed into her groovy great music, instinctively you want to dance with her music, it’s a pleasure for ears, she gives you the necessary energy for starting a great day through the incredible musical magic journey then you want to dance with her or even starting a duet through your Ipod even though while you do your errands or your daily task, she’s got the good music to give you a reason to be in a good mood .Tamara Bubble is the charming Lady artist who shows you, how to groove with joyfulness each time you listing her music. Just discover her super gifted talent Lady, she is great and she has the style for seducing your ears into the rhythm of the night.

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