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Antonia Vai

“Lovers and Prophets”

Antonia Vai the pretty young singer, songwriter of 24 years old has a great talent for sure and she is the kind of artist really smart and gifted, not only she is multi-instrumentalist, but the young Lady from Sweden has already been proven in various scenes, being named the “Bohemian Soul Diva” in Stockholm music scene. 2012 September Antonia realized a debut album “Lovers and Prophets” she describes an album as a tribute to, forbidden love and sanctification. Her album is filled of surprises, but what a great surprises you have when you listen to her music! With her rhythm soul, folk and a Jazzy singing way, she has the little things that make the difference and make you fall in love with her music style and her audacious genre. “Macho woman” “Don’t let the bedbugs bite”,”Confessions of Berlin”, “Waiting for war” and more songs from the albumĀ “Lovers and Prophets” are truly gifts and a good way for having a musical good time with the talented Lady and “Bohemian Soul Diva

Do you know she has got “The Smallest Song in the World” she dared, you can check out on her album, I promise you that you will have a great musical journey with Antonia Vai. She is truly a great Lady Indie artist who knows how to seduce through her music a public, in a whole wide audience.

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