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Yolanda.R is a great voice and talented songwriter, songstress. Soulful; heartfelt emotions keep your heart and soul, her music and voice guide you to the amount of many sweetest feelings , “Over now” “Why” “Meandering” are the evidence that she’s got not only the talent, but she has got the wonderful gift for making your heart beautifully filled by magic through a music journey of tenderness and love. “Bring Ur Lovin’ Home “and” (There’s) No Gettin’ Over Me” give you the rhythm to dance, bouncy and groove. Love is all around with her sweet melodies and lyrics, her music is skillfully written with the touch of grace and blessing.

The RnB lady will make you feel with her music, like a bird flying through the sky, with lightness and freedom. Her tunes keep in touch with your mind; go with you all day long for letting in your heart a feeling of joy. Yolanda the talented RnB Diva brings to your ears a pure musical ecstasy, she is a wonderful lady and artist, and so if you don’t have the EP by soulful songstress Yolanda.R, you can purchase it on:







And now let your ears cuddled and cradled, and make you heart, and soul in the happiest journey of shiny music!

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